A BBB Warning of St. Louis Timeshare Firm “Property Experts Marketing”

In the St. Louis area the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has identified another fraudulent timeshare resale and rental company. The company is claiming to be located in downtown St. Louis at a building that is vacant and padlocked. The company is Property Experts Marketing and is one among many of the scammer established companies that claim to sell or rent your vacation timeshare in return for upfront fees. Unfortunately once they receive the upfront payment, which can be up to thousands of dollars, from a timeshare owner there is no other action taken to get the timeshare sold. Often times a buyer or renter is promised to be ready and waiting but the timeshare is still never sold.

One timeshare owner has reported being scammed for $6,300. Another unfortunate victim had reported a loss of over $45,000 in fees with no sale or compensation received. The BBB can only offer limited advice to owners looking to sell a timeshare. The best thing to do is research, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate business that is not just acting as a front for illegal scams. Upfront fees WITHOUT WRITTEN GUARANTEES are the first sign of trouble, any significant fee that reaches even into the hundreds of dollars you should be very wary about. Try to contact the company you are dealing with and get any references available and contact them to make sure it is legitimate.

Out of the BBB’s investigation of this specific timeshare resale company they have not found out much. A representative of Property Experts Marketing while talking to a BBB investigator said that the company does operate at a suite on the seventh floor, when asked to meet the representative explained that he was leaving at that very moment. The company representative, John Orozco, said that his companies legal department would handle the BBB complaint filed by a Texan timeshare owner and that someone from the legal department would contact the BBB to clear up any misunderstanding, there has been no response since from Property Experts Marketing.

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