Timeshare Relief on Torrance Local Television

The television program, This Week In Torrance, on Torrance CitiCABLE 3, provided a report on the company Timeshare Relief, Inc. for their latest business-related events and news in the Torrance area. Through interviews with people at the company headquarters in Torrance, California the program described the many ways in which Timeshare Relief helps timeshare owners get their names off of timeshare contracts for good. Since the owners and founders of Timeshare Relief, the MacMillans, first started offering their guaranteed timeshare exit solution service to owners in need they have been able to help over 50,000 clients get rid of over 52,000 timeshare contracts.

The MacMillans also describe their personal timeshare experience story which led them to start the company back in 2004. After getting into a timeshare while on vacation in Las Vegas they were under the impression that they could sell the property for a profit. When they found out how untrue this was they went into research mode to find their own personal timeshare relief. After successfully taking care of their own timeshare troubles they decided to open their doors to the many other timeshare owners who were in the same situation as they were. With a devotion and desire to help others the company Timeshare Relief has thrived and continues to help people get out of their unwanted timeshares.

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    • is exit timeshare solution service at timeshare relief the same. could nnot find out anything. in what part of california is torence california located.

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