Have You Tried to Donate Timeshares?

Timeshare Donation Heart

Should you donate your timeshare?

The idea of donating a timeshare to a charity has definitely been trending lately within the timeshare industry. Not too long ago it was common knowledge that nearly all legitimate charities would not accept a timeshare donation. This was almost entirely due to the fact that timeshares can be extremely difficult to get rid of. This fact is still true today and many organizations will not accept a timeshare as a donation because of the financial responsibility that owning a timeshare comes with. Most charities are focused on the work they do to help others and do not have the resources to effectively manage and benefit from a donated timeshare, which is why the simply will not accept a timeshare.

If anyone has attempted to donate a timeshare please do share your stories with us here on the blog. Post your comments about successful or failed attempts and getting rid of a timeshare through donation. There are a lot of timeshare owners out there that are trying to get rid of their timeshare ownership, the problem is that there are so many false solutions out there that do not provide true timeshare relief. If you have been able to successfully donate your timeshare property please let us know so that other timeshare owners can learn of ways to get out once and for all!

Timeshare Cure | Do You Have One?

There are two types of timeshare owners, those that love their timeshare and those that for one reason or another want to get out of their timeshare. The people that need to get out of their timeshare are already looking for a timeshare cure. However, many owners who love everything about their timeshare are not lifting so much as finger to try and find a cure for their timeshare. And while they have little to no reason for finding a timeshare cure right now, there is no telling what will happen in the future to cause them to need a way out.

So whether or not you are looking to get rid of your timeshare right now it is important to have a timeshare cure in mind and ready to go. Because timeshare contracts are usually very long term if not perpetual it is important to have a plan. If something happens to cause your timeshare to become a serious financial burden you do not want to be clueless about how to get out.

Let’s face it, unexpected changes in life should be expected. And these changes can occur without any input from you at all. If your resort happens to increase your maintenance fees, or something were to happen to your timeshare unit that causes a large special assessment to be charged at your expense, you will not have a plan to get out. That is why you should prepare for when your timeshare ownership turns into a financial disease. Knowing what type of timeshare cure you will use is necessary.

Even the most satisfied timeshare owner has the potential to catch a timeshare disease. There are simply too many aspects of your timeshare ownership that are under complete control of the resort. Because it is so difficult right now to actually sell a used timeshare you should consider different options for getting out of your contract in case of an emergency.

Putting Timeshares to Good Use

We all know what a burden a timeshare contract can become. But there are some ways you can turn a timeshare situation into an enjoyable experience. Accomplishing this task, however, does not include purchasing any timeshare weeks. Getting into a timeshare contract is a serious decision that you do not want to end up regretting later. While a timeshare can provide great vacation experiences, in this sense it can be seen as profitable in terms of how much enjoyment you will get for your money, but that experience is not guaranteed. The only way to really guarantee that you come out on top after leaving a timeshare experience is to not sign the timeshare contract.

As many people know, in order to sell timeshare weeks the timeshare developers have to put on flashy presentations just to get people to sit down and listen to their sales pitch. It is under this high pressure sales presentation that they are able to get people to buy their timeshares, if it were not for all the side incentives they would not even be able to secure an audience. So if you happen to get invited to a timeshare presentation there is a way to get some satisfaction out of your timeshare experience. By attending the event and listening to the presentation you will get whatever free gifts they have promised to you. Now you just have to make sure and not sign on the dotted line. When the time comes to make the timeshare purchase you need to just say no. If you are able to say no to timeshare ownership you will have the prizes that come with attending a timeshare presentation. It may seem shady to take part in a scheme like this but it is one of the very few ways that you can truly be satisfied with a timeshare experience.

Should you be involved in a timeshare property already you may want to assess your options for getting out. One great way to do so is to use the services of Timeshare Relief. With their guaranteed timeshare exit solution you will be able to get your name off of that timeshare contract. This is one of the other few ways that you can be fully satisfied with a timeshare experience. So if you own a timeshare, check out Timeshare Relief today and get some satisfaction out of your timeshare for once.

Timeshare Relief for Hotel Bookers

The revenue reports for the first half of 2010 have come in for the hotel industry. While this does no reflect the revenue for the timeshare industry the two markets are very closely related. However, this could be bad news for timeshares. As hotels are a major alternative to timeshare properties this could mean that people have had enough of dealing with the timeshare industry. There are many restrictions that come along with timeshare ownership. These limits may be why vacationers are choosing to use hotels for their travel lodgings. The flexibility that comes with booking a hotel room for your specific vacation days could be the driving force behind this increased revenue report.

The problem with owning a timeshare has always been here, but only recently has it become such a concern to owners. During these economically uncertain times it is important to be as frugal as possible when it comes to spending. Not only does this provide a reason for timeshare owners to be dissatisfied with their timeshare weeks, but it has also led to a large number of fraudulent companies that will attempt to take advantage of timeshare owners.  There are services such as Timeshare Relief that provide a legitimate and sure fire way to get out of an unwanted timeshare contract. With the help of Timeshare Relief you can start enjoying your vacations at whatever location you decide to do so at.

Find Timeshare Relief From BP Oil Spill

If you have been paying any attention whatsoever to the news lately you are probably well aware of the immense oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. This environmental catastrophe has caused an incredible amount of damage to the surrounding areas, the closest of which are the American states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and of course Florida. This disaster has turned into a major consideration factor for any vacationer who had these areas in mind for their next vacation trip. No one in their right mind would be happy to shop up for a nice long relaxing beach vacation only to find that the beach they intended on enjoying all week is covered with oil.

If you had planned to take a trip out to one of the coastal areas around the gulf of Mexico then you might want to think twice. And if you actually do own a timeshare property in one of these areas it is definitely time to start thinking about your options for getting out of a timeshare. Technically, there are quite a few ways to get out of a timeshare contract. However they are not all as simple and stress free as using a timeshare transfer exit solution. A lot of timeshare owners have tried to sell or rent their timeshare property and have ended up spending a lot of time and money with no success in getting out of their timeshare contract. Another option of donating a timeshare can be just as difficult if not impossible as many charities do not accept such high risk liabilities as timeshares. The most successful and proven way out always ends up being to use a guaranteed timeshare transfer exit solution.

So if you were wondering what the best solution is for you and your gulf coast timeshare in light of this massive oil spill disaster, look no further. You need to get rid of timeshares as quickly as you can if they are located anywhere near this catastrophe. Because a timeshare is already a liability even when it is in a prime location with all the luxurious accommodations to match, having an unsightly environmental spill like this will only make a timeshare or vacation rental worth less and will most likely cause a rise in your maintenance fee if not end up costing you a special assessment fee. These timeshare related headaches are just not worth it, so find out what you are going to do to make sure your gulf coast timeshare does not become a crisis in your life.

Stronger Laws for Timeshares in the Caribbean

Timeshare Relief Bahamas

One of the leading timeshare companies in the world, Interval International has been encouraging stronger regulations in The Bahamas. They are doing this as a way to promote more timeshare business in The Bahamas, this is just one way of boosting visitor arrivals. Exec VP of resort Sales and Marketing, David Gilbert, has said, “We’d like to see laws in place that protect consumers. . . its very good for Caribbean countries to implement constructive legislation, that is not so restrictive that developers can’t build and sell but structured so that it protects the consumer.”

Due to the Bahamas close proximity to the US it makes it the perfect place for this sort of growth. This area of industry has suffered with the recession and this growth can not only expand on the nation’s second home industry but also provide more potential timeshare owners with the Bahama dream.

The major developers are looking for good regulatory environments however, Gilbert says they would not want their project or a project nearby to go bankrupt as that would all be negative publicity to effect their development.  Gilbert was discussing these matters at the annual Caribbean hotel and Tourism Investment conference in Puerto Rico last week.

Think Twice About $1 Timeshares

$1 TimeshareDue to the poor condition the timeshare resale market, and timeshare industry in general, is in there are many people scrambling to get rid of a timeshare. With the resale market so over flooded with a high surplus of timeshares for sale some owners have resorted to practically giving their timeshare away. There have been many posts on sites like eBay with timeshares going for only $1. While this is certainly a big deal in regards to how much the timeshare was originally purchased for, you should keep in mind this is not the only cost of the timeshare. Timeshares come with additional fees for upkeep and maintenance and even special assessment fees. If you own a timeshare and your name is on the deed you are obligated to pay these charges.

Not only should you be aware of these additional costs that come with the timeshare but you should realize that these fees have the potential to increase each year. Some timeshare owners have had their maintenance fees double or even triple in one year. If you are thinking about picking up a timeshare for cheap on an auction site you might want to think again. Unless you can afford the costs that come along with it a timeshare for only $1 is no sweet deal.