Timeshare Relief Celebrates 4th of July!

Timeshare Relief is celebrating the 2010 July 4th holiday and reminding people how they can get their very own timeshare freedom. If you own a timeshare you may have noticed that your maintenance fees have gone up at some point over the years. This is something that has the potential to occur every year and can cause a timeshare to be far more trouble and cost than it could ever be worth. It would be a shame to let your 4th of July barbeque to be on a budget because of timeshare related fees when you aren’t even using your timeshare. It is problems just like this that cause so many unsatisfied timeshare owners to use the services at Timeshare Relief. The timeshare experts at Timeshare Relief are dedicated to helping out timeshare owners who are unhappy with their timeshare property for whatever reason.

As any timeshare owner knows all too well the timeshare contracts that you enter into when you first get your timeshare are very iron clad and restrictive. This makes it extremely difficult to get out of your timeshare and stop paying all the maintenance fees and other costs that come along with owning a timeshare. Because you cannot simply stop paying and lose the timeshare and selling or renting will most likely end up costing you more than you will get, the Timeshare Relief exit solution is very useful. So this 4th of July check out what the timeshare professionals can offer you to help relieve any timeshare headaches you may have. Because no timeshare should give you more trouble and frustration than it does relief and relaxation, especially on the 4th of July.

Reminder: Timeshare Relief is Not a Timeshare Resales Company

Recently, there have been many investigations of timeshare resales companies in Florida.  In 2009, complaints of timeshare resales companies topped all other consumer complaints to the Florida Attorney General office.

Because Timeshare Relief markets to timeshare owners directly, the company is often-times grouped together with timeshare resales companies that aggressively target timeshare owners.  We want to let everyone know that Timeshare Relief is NOT a timeshare reseller or timeshare listing company.  Timeshare Relief provides a fee-based service that transfers timeshares out of owners’ names so that they are no longer responsible for the maintenance fees, taxes and special assessments associated with timeshare ownership.  The company does not find buyers for timeshares, nor does it list timeshares for sale as timeshare resales companies do.

Timeshare owners save a lot of time and potentially money by using Timeshare Relief services.  First, for those timeshares that qualify, the service is guaranteed.  In other words, Timeshare Relief guarantees the transfer of a timeshare from the client so that the client will not have to pay timeshare-related fees any longer.  Timeshares that do not qualify such as timeshares that are not paid in full or those timeshares that are not allowed to be transferred are stopped from using the service.  No fees are charged for non-qualified timeshares.

Timeshare Resales: Hand Me Down Vacations?

Timeshare Relief golf clubsIn this economy, most families are learning to save pennies wherever they can.  Fashionable consignment stores have sprung up in even the most metropolitan of cities, selling brand-name clothing at a fraction of the retail price.  Other resale stores sell everything from sports equipment, furniture, and wedding dresses, to high chairs, electronics and kitchenware.

Depending on what you need, buying a used item saves money-sometimes as little as 10-15%, often as much as 50%.  Timeshare properties are no exception.  Owners are often looking to get rid of timeshares.

Timeshare developers accumulate significant marketing related expenses – primarily through costly timeshare promotions which offer free giveaways in exchange for consumer attendance at high-pressure timeshare sales pitches. Even if you don’t attend a timeshare presentation, when you purchase directly from a resort, you pay to absorb all of the administrative and marketing costs associated with the sale of the property. When buying from a current owner, you pay only the fair market value of the timeshare – a price that’s often 65 percent less than the developer’s price.

However, unlike buying golf clubs, the price for a timeshare also includes future debt- the amount of money you will be required to pay in the future – from annual maintenance fees to surprise surcharges that you might not expect.  Regardless of where you buy, do your homework.

Timeshare Maintenance Fees Explained

Timeshare Relief hammerThe idea of maintenance fees makes sense.  They are mandatory fees that the resort management company or homeowners association charges its owners for the upkeep of the timeshare property.  These fees are usually defined as covering property taxes, utilities, insurance, and any other maintenance expenses.  But, they also need to meet the needs of future expenses like office furniture and appliances.

The amount of the fee varies widely.  Some fees are as little as a few hundred dollars a year, while others are several thousand.

Maintenance fees are generally levied on annual basis, however certain resorts may levy them monthly or biennially.   What you may not be told is the extent to which the annual maintenance fee will increase over the years.  What may be affordable now may not be with double-digital percentage increase every year.  And for new resorts, what you may not realize is that when a developer is in control, maintenance fees may be temporarily subsidized by the developer as a marketing tool while there is sales activity. After the homeowner association takes over, fees may quickly rise to unsubsidized levels.

However – this is the big problem:  timeshare operators also may force owners to pay unexpected but obligatory special assessment fees.

Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Ever Decrease?

Timeshare Relief deep thoughtsDuring timeshare presentations, the audience is often shown a chart or some organized way of portraying timeshare costs as being less than comparable luxury hotel accommodations over time.  At least in the past, these comparisons included escalation in hotel costs due to inflation.  But was the consistent rise in maintenance fees ever discussed?  Probably not.  But many timeshare owners have experienced increases in their maintenance fees.

Regardless of the presentation style or exact numbers, the case is made for a timeshare to save money over a period of time if a timeshare owner can consistently go on vacation annually to their timeshare.  This way the new timeshare owner can justify spending the money now in order to save later.

However, one assumption is made in the cost analysis — the price of hotel rooms does not go DOWN.  But during this recession, we know that hotels have lowered costs, sometimes drastically in order to bring in guests. This begs the question, “Do timeshare maintenance fees ever decrease?”  I cannot recall a timeshare owner ever getting a smaller annual maintenance fee bill year-to-future-year.  This would certainly change the cost comparisons between hotels and timeshares.

Just a couple questions to ask your timeshare sales person the next time you find yourself in a timeshare presentation.

Timeshare Relief Mends Hole in Pocketbook of Timeshare Owner

After meeting with Timeshare Relief, timeshare owner, Charlie was very happy to eliminate his annual timeshare maintenance fees that were burning a hole in his pocketbook.

Approximately 4 years ago, Charlie took $17,000 and “invested” in a timeshare that ended up being a money guzzler.  In fact, he compares how much cheaper it would have been if he had just paid $200 a night for a luxury hotel room rather than have a timeshare.

It is no wonder then that after his meeting with Timeshare Relief, Charlie had a big smile on his face.  He had managed to stop the financial losses that were a result of being a timeshare owner.  He had no problem paying to get rid of his timeshare.  He simply added it onto the cost of the timeshare, but saw it as a net gain in the long-term.

Zero Special Assessment Fees at Timeshare Relief – Timeshare Owner Rejoices

In this video interview we meet Shirley, a very relieved timeshare owner after learning she no longer has to pay any special assessment fees after working with Timeshare Relief.

A number of years ago, Shirley received a special assessment bill for $600.  She was not happy about paying the assessment, but was even more distressed to find out that it was a way to cover for some other timeshare owners who had stopped making maintenance fees to the resort.  The next year she received another assessment bill for $100 which supposedly went to upgrades for her unit.

After working with Timeshare Relief to get rid of her timeshare, Shirley was very happy and that she would never again have to pay for maintenance fees and special assessments.