1 Million Views For RCI Timeshare Information TV

Less than six months ago RCI launched their RCI TV and already over one million viewers have tuned in. RCI TV provides high-definition footage of the over 4,000 timeshare resorts that RCI promotes. This new method for informing vacationers about RCI accommodations and options has been an amazingly successful way to reach their audience. RCI invented the concept of a timeshare exchange more than 35 years ago and has since been devoted to providing its customers with the best services and accommodations to accompany their vacation plans.

RCI realized how unfamiliar many potential timeshare owners are with the whole idea of a timeshare. This new media venue allows them to educate and formally inform their viewers about all the wonders of an RCI timeshare vacation and show in full detail the sort of accommodations you will find at these resorts.

RCI has also just entered into the mobile marketing world with applications for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™. These new methods for making timeshare information available will provide immediate access to RCI features that consumers are interested in. In addition to mobile marketing RCI has launched a YouTube channel, these combined resources will allow travelers to share their vacations through social networks.