Timeshare Relief Launches A New Website

Timeshare Relief has launched a new and improved website. The completely redesigned site will provide not only a simpler navigation system to users but also has much quicker load times. The revamped site is intended to help visitors find the information they need quicker. By spreading out the content and information among more internal site pages the load times for each page have been reduces significantly. Also with more categories and topics to search through users will be able to find exactly what they need with less searching.

One the most noticeable of the new features added to the site is a brief video on the homepage of the site. This video is a quick tour through the company office headquarters in Torrance, California. This video is intended to give users and future clients an opportunity to see the faces of those that are hard at work to help them with their timeshare troubles. Everyone at Timeshare Relief is happy to release this new site to all visitors and users that are searching the web for answers to their timeshare questions. You can check out the new site at http://www.timesharerelief.com to see all the new changes for yourself.

New Florida Attraction Hopes To Bring Timeshare Relief

A new attraction in Universal Orlando Resort, which opened on June 18, brings hope of timeshare relief to the timeshare owners, and industry as a whole, in Florida. The brand new $200 million attraction is called The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and has brought high hopes to cause a surge of vacationers looking to spend time in Florida. Because the timeshare industry is over flooded with people who want to get out of their timeshare properties, and avoid paying high maintenance fees when they are not using their timeshare, any new and exciting attraction, such as this one in Orlando, should increase timeshare sales as people start enjoying this vacation hot spot. By creating this demand for vacation accommodations hopefully many timeshare purchasers will be able to enjoy new timeshare properties in and around the Orlando area to check out the new Harry Potter themed attraction.

With the timeshare industry in the state it is now, any added incentive to visit a timeshare will help to provide more people that are interested in investing in vacations. This will ultimately help travelers find a little timeshare relief. And with the current environmental disaster in the gulf the gulf coast areas need all the travel and vacation incentives available to provide not only business for tourism but also for the timeshare industry in this location. Any way you look at it this new Universal Orlando attraction can only mean good news for everyone with a timeshare in Florida or anyone who loves the Harry Potter story.

Timeshare Relief Celebrates 4th of July!

Timeshare Relief is celebrating the 2010 July 4th holiday and reminding people how they can get their very own timeshare freedom. If you own a timeshare you may have noticed that your maintenance fees have gone up at some point over the years. This is something that has the potential to occur every year and can cause a timeshare to be far more trouble and cost than it could ever be worth. It would be a shame to let your 4th of July barbeque to be on a budget because of timeshare related fees when you aren’t even using your timeshare. It is problems just like this that cause so many unsatisfied timeshare owners to use the services at Timeshare Relief. The timeshare experts at Timeshare Relief are dedicated to helping out timeshare owners who are unhappy with their timeshare property for whatever reason.

As any timeshare owner knows all too well the timeshare contracts that you enter into when you first get your timeshare are very iron clad and restrictive. This makes it extremely difficult to get out of your timeshare and stop paying all the maintenance fees and other costs that come along with owning a timeshare. Because you cannot simply stop paying and lose the timeshare and selling or renting will most likely end up costing you more than you will get, the Timeshare Relief exit solution is very useful. So this 4th of July check out what the timeshare professionals can offer you to help relieve any timeshare headaches you may have. Because no timeshare should give you more trouble and frustration than it does relief and relaxation, especially on the 4th of July.

Find Timeshare Relief From BP Oil Spill

If you have been paying any attention whatsoever to the news lately you are probably well aware of the immense oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. This environmental catastrophe has caused an incredible amount of damage to the surrounding areas, the closest of which are the American states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and of course Florida. This disaster has turned into a major consideration factor for any vacationer who had these areas in mind for their next vacation trip. No one in their right mind would be happy to shop up for a nice long relaxing beach vacation only to find that the beach they intended on enjoying all week is covered with oil.

If you had planned to take a trip out to one of the coastal areas around the gulf of Mexico then you might want to think twice. And if you actually do own a timeshare property in one of these areas it is definitely time to start thinking about your options for getting out of a timeshare. Technically, there are quite a few ways to get out of a timeshare contract. However they are not all as simple and stress free as using a timeshare transfer exit solution. A lot of timeshare owners have tried to sell or rent their timeshare property and have ended up spending a lot of time and money with no success in getting out of their timeshare contract. Another option of donating a timeshare can be just as difficult if not impossible as many charities do not accept such high risk liabilities as timeshares. The most successful and proven way out always ends up being to use a guaranteed timeshare transfer exit solution.

So if you were wondering what the best solution is for you and your gulf coast timeshare in light of this massive oil spill disaster, look no further. You need to get rid of timeshares as quickly as you can if they are located anywhere near this catastrophe. Because a timeshare is already a liability even when it is in a prime location with all the luxurious accommodations to match, having an unsightly environmental spill like this will only make a timeshare or vacation rental worth less and will most likely cause a rise in your maintenance fee if not end up costing you a special assessment fee. These timeshare related headaches are just not worth it, so find out what you are going to do to make sure your gulf coast timeshare does not become a crisis in your life.

Timeshare Salespersons Form Class-Action Suit Against Vacation Charters Ltd.

Judgment ScalesA class action lawsuit has been formed combining roughly 275 people in a single suit against Vacation Charters Ltd. and, owner of the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony and other similar timeshare resorts, W. Jack Kalins. The disputes are due to overpaid taxes that each employee had to pay because they had been classified as independent contractors for selling timeshares. They were also not allotted any employee benefits such as medical coverage. Had the workers been treated as employees it would have obligated Kalins to provide them with benefits as well as pay a portion of their federal tax contributions.

The ruling by Judge Idee C. Fox is what will allow these over 275 salespersons to file in a single lawsuit instead of having to file individually. Attorney Mark Kearney, who will be working in favor of the workers, has estimated there will be a total of 21 million owed to the salespersons.

The ruling will be for salespersons who were employed from June of 2005 to the end of 2008. At the beginning of 2009 the timeshare company began paying salespersons as employees, providing benefits and paying part of their federal tax contributions. Attorney Steven Leventhal for Vacation Charters maintains that they have paid all their salespersons based on state law and that no violations were enacted on behalf of the timeshare company.

Stronger Laws for Timeshares in the Caribbean

Timeshare Relief Bahamas

One of the leading timeshare companies in the world, Interval International has been encouraging stronger regulations in The Bahamas. They are doing this as a way to promote more timeshare business in The Bahamas, this is just one way of boosting visitor arrivals. Exec VP of resort Sales and Marketing, David Gilbert, has said, “We’d like to see laws in place that protect consumers. . . its very good for Caribbean countries to implement constructive legislation, that is not so restrictive that developers can’t build and sell but structured so that it protects the consumer.”

Due to the Bahamas close proximity to the US it makes it the perfect place for this sort of growth. This area of industry has suffered with the recession and this growth can not only expand on the nation’s second home industry but also provide more potential timeshare owners with the Bahama dream.

The major developers are looking for good regulatory environments however, Gilbert says they would not want their project or a project nearby to go bankrupt as that would all be negative publicity to effect their development.  Gilbert was discussing these matters at the annual Caribbean hotel and Tourism Investment conference in Puerto Rico last week.

Wyndham Plans to Introduce Days Inn and Super 8 to Australia

Timeshare Relief Australia

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific plan to increase timeshares from a current 43,000 timeshare owners to an unspecified amount. They will also be introducing the Days Inn and Super 8 brands to Australia and New Zealand.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, a part of Wyndham Worldwide corp. is planning to spend at least $20 million to develop properties of Days Inn and Super 8 brands in the Australia and New Zealand regions. The Gold Coast based company is looking to increase their timeshare owner customer base from the current 43,000 to an undisclosed figure goal.

Due to the global financial crisis Wyndham is focusing on controlling costs rather than increasing sales as the demand for timeshares has changed dramatically. The Asia Pacific business’s 2009 profit increased 69% to $49 million even with sales dropping, just from timeshare owners continuing to visit the timeshares they purchased.

Wyndham VRAP Chief Executive Officer Barry Robinson said, “There aren’t as many distressed properties in Australia as I would have expected to see,” He went on to say “I’m not sure whether that’s because our interest rates are still comparatively low for our market, so banks and operators are able to hold on to them because they can justify the returns.”