Timeshare Relief for Hotel Bookers

The revenue reports for the first half of 2010 have come in for the hotel industry. While this does no reflect the revenue for the timeshare industry the two markets are very closely related. However, this could be bad news for timeshares. As hotels are a major alternative to timeshare properties this could mean that people have had enough of dealing with the timeshare industry. There are many restrictions that come along with timeshare ownership. These limits may be why vacationers are choosing to use hotels for their travel lodgings. The flexibility that comes with booking a hotel room for your specific vacation days could be the driving force behind this increased revenue report.

The problem with owning a timeshare has always been here, but only recently has it become such a concern to owners. During these economically uncertain times it is important to be as frugal as possible when it comes to spending. Not only does this provide a reason for timeshare owners to be dissatisfied with their timeshare weeks, but it has also led to a large number of fraudulent companies that will attempt to take advantage of timeshare owners.  There are services such as Timeshare Relief that provide a legitimate and sure fire way to get out of an unwanted timeshare contract. With the help of Timeshare Relief you can start enjoying your vacations at whatever location you decide to do so at.

Not One More Day (of Your Timeshare)

Timeshare Relief SunsetI know that not everybody loves Dr. Phil.  His drawl is a little annoying, and his no-nonsense, take– no-prisoners style can irritate the most patient person.  But, he is popular for a reason.  Plenty of things he says make sense.  In fact, I have even found myself saying on occasion “how’s that workin’ for you?” to people whose life choices have ended up costing them dearly.

Another phrase he uses that I like- when talking about bad relationships is this:  “The only thing worse than staying in a bad marriage for ten years is staying in a bad marriage for ten years and a day.”  In other words, just because you  made a decision that is no longer working for you doesn’t mean you have to live with that situation forever.

The same is true for our relationships with how we spend our dollars.  If a bank or investment company no longer seems like the right fit, it’s time to change. Your life changes over the years.  Children arrive, or leave home.  Your financial situation changes. Your priorities and interests shift.  If a timeshare contract no longer serves your lifestyle or bank account, then why stay one more day with something that doesn’t work for you? Get rid of your timeshare Now!

Remember to Skip the Alcohol Before Attending Any Timeshare Presentation

I passed a billboard last week that took me a minute to understand.  Big bold letters called out:  DTWD.  My much more savvy teenage daughter pointed out that it meant “Don’t Text While Driving.”  Cute.  Of course, I can’t get the hang of texting while I’m sitting at my desk, but that’s ok.  I like the play on the slightly tired slogan, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Anyone who has ever imbibed a little too much alcohol at a party and later tried to remember exactly what happened the night before understands why.  Alcohol limits inhibitions.  It impairs our judgment.

More than one timeshare owner has reported free-flowing spirits before and sometimes even during the sales pitch, Timeshare Relief - Timeshare Resort Drinksonly to find themselves with a contract they don’t remember signing.  Not long ago, a hidden camera videotape revealed one company’s sales pitch included serving alcohol.  It’s not illegal, but it’s definitely not wise for the consumer to partake.

Don’t ever buy any time share if you’re offered alcohol prior to or while signing anything.    That’s a good rule of thumb – any company that encourages you to alter your judgment may very well not have your best interest at heart.

You’ll regret your purchase and may have to call Timeshare Relief to get rid of your timeshare for you.

Canceling a Timeshare Contract Within The Rescission Period

Everyone goes through “Buyer’s Remorse” at one time or another.  It’s that sinking feeling that you bought something that you ultimately paid too much for, or you simply don’t want it.

In the timeshare industry, there is a right of rescission during a period after you sign a timeshare contract when you can cancel the contract without penalty.  The duration can be as short as 3 days, but most reputable companies will at least give you a week or more, but typically no more than 21 days.  Your contract should have a specified number of days for rescission.

During that period, you normally have to make a written request to cancel the contract.  So, prepare one right away if you are thinking about canceling.

The best way to make sure the cancellation goes through is to personally deliver your cancellation letter to the timeshare sales office.  Bring two copies.  Have someone there in charge sign both copies as proof of acceptance, and give one to that person.

Otherwise, you’ll have to mail the cancellation letter.  Always use certified mail with a return receipt so that you have proof of when your letter was mailed and when the letter was received.  It is good practice to use certified mail when doing any correspondence with ANY company, especially if there is significant money on the line.  There are too many stories of regret when a person realizes that the company mysteriously says it never received a letter in the mail.

If there are problems from that point forward, you may need to consult an attorney.  Please do not consider this blog post as legal advice.