Putting Timeshares to Good Use

We all know what a burden a timeshare contract can become. But there are some ways you can turn a timeshare situation into an enjoyable experience. Accomplishing this task, however, does not include purchasing any timeshare weeks. Getting into a timeshare contract is a serious decision that you do not want to end up regretting later. While a timeshare can provide great vacation experiences, in this sense it can be seen as profitable in terms of how much enjoyment you will get for your money, but that experience is not guaranteed. The only way to really guarantee that you come out on top after leaving a timeshare experience is to not sign the timeshare contract.

As many people know, in order to sell timeshare weeks the timeshare developers have to put on flashy presentations just to get people to sit down and listen to their sales pitch. It is under this high pressure sales presentation that they are able to get people to buy their timeshares, if it were not for all the side incentives they would not even be able to secure an audience. So if you happen to get invited to a timeshare presentation there is a way to get some satisfaction out of your timeshare experience. By attending the event and listening to the presentation you will get whatever free gifts they have promised to you. Now you just have to make sure and not sign on the dotted line. When the time comes to make the timeshare purchase you need to just say no. If you are able to say no to timeshare ownership you will have the prizes that come with attending a timeshare presentation. It may seem shady to take part in a scheme like this but it is one of the very few ways that you can truly be satisfied with a timeshare experience.

Should you be involved in a timeshare property already you may want to assess your options for getting out. One great way to do so is to use the services of Timeshare Relief. With their guaranteed timeshare exit solution you will be able to get your name off of that timeshare contract. This is one of the other few ways that you can be fully satisfied with a timeshare experience. So if you own a timeshare, check out Timeshare Relief today and get some satisfaction out of your timeshare for once.

Timeshare Sales Tactic – Limited Offer, Today Only!

Timeshare Relief clockWhether you’ve been sold a vacuum cleaner, or a gym membership, or even a timeshare property, you are familiar with this phrase:  “today only.”  In other words, buy it right this very instant.  Because if you don’t, the price is going to be astronomical and you will spend the rest of your life wishing you hadn’t walked away from such an incredible offer.

Except maybe it’s not exactly true.  If a deal is legitimate and profitable today, it will be tomorrow, too.  The only reason the buy it now price is such a big deal is so you won’t go home and think about it.  Or ask for advice from an attorney or accountant or someone else you trust.

Here’s one person’s experience.  The salesman said a membership, was $6000.00. We couldn’t afford that, so he said a 10 year was $3999.00 and you have 36 months to upgrade to the lifetime membership. $395.00 down & $91.00 a month. Plus $300.00 in maintenance fees per year.

The catch?  This deal is only good for the day you go.

We asked, “You mean we can’t go home and think about it, and let you know Monday.” He said “Absolutely not, the price then would be $12,000.00.”

It won’t surprise you to learn that two weeks later a friend of his went to the same presentation and the $3999 price was still good.  But just for today.

Don’t You Love Your Kids? The Timeshare Hard-Sell

That’s the question that most rankled one prospective timeshare owner at a recent timeshare presentation.

“Of course I do,”  he answered.

“Then why wouldn’t you want them to grow up with such wonderful vacation memories?”

Granted, not every timeshare presentation uses manipulative sales techniques, but a few do.

Here are some common tools used during time share presentations:

An appeal to the emotions (see above)

Limited Time Offer  – if you walk out of the door, you can’t get the same deal tomorrow.

Everyone is doing it – some presentations are even known to plant another couple in the room who enthusiastically sign.

It will just take an hour – or two or three.  If they told you it would take three hours, you’d never agree.  You’ll notice there are no clocks in the room and sometimes alcohol is offered.  The bottom line is this:  the longer you are there, the more likely you are to buy.

A solution for that problem.  For every objection you come up, they will have at least four or five solutions.  You don’t have the money, they can help you find financing.

Promises, promises.  Regardless of what the salesperson says, if it isn’t written in the contract, it isn’t true.

Remember that timeshare salespeople are trying to make a living – sometimes their only source of income is the commission they earn from those sales (though they can be as high as 60% of the bill).  Still, buyer beware!

What’s Your Timeshare Rescission Period aka Cooling Off Time?

We’ve all done it – been impressed by a salesperson’s charm and persistence and written a check for more than we knew we should.

What if you realize you made a mistake the next day?

Timeshare Relief appointmentSome states have “cooling off” time, a period after a purchase during which the purchaser has the right to return goods for a refund, or to cancel a contract without penalty.  The right to cancel a contract is governed by both state and federal law.  Please check with your attorney for specifics.  The remainder of this post is not intended to be legal advice.

There are very specific circumstances when these statutes and regulations apply; they do not apply to all circumstances.  Usually real estate, stocks or securities are not covered.

Under the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s cooling-off rule, you have the right to cancel a purchase of $25 or more for a full refund as long as certain conditions are met:

  • If you make a purchase entirely by mail or telephone, the rule does not apply.
  • When you initiate the sale at the seller’s permanent business location, the rule does not apply, even if the deal is closed in your home.
  • Despite popular misconception, there is no cooling-off rule for automobile purchases. Make sure you want that car before you buy it.
  • In order for the rule to apply, the purchase must be for personal, family, or household purposes.
  • This rule isn’t applicable to purchases made to meet an emergency, such as a natural disaster or a home insect infestation. Nor does it apply to repairs and maintenance on your personal property.

If you just bought the timeshare, many states have a mandatory “cooling off” period when you can undo the deal and demand a return of your payment. Of course, those periods are usually only a week or 10 days, not months, so they relieve are only going to relieve short-term buyers’ remorse.  If you are a timeshare owner, you must be aware of your state’s laws.  Do not rely on a timeshare company to tell you what the law allows you to do.

If you have questions about your state’s cooling-off period, call your state attorney general’s office.  If you’ve experienced buyer’s remorse and you’ve passed your state’s cooling off period, then you may have to consider other options to let go of your timeshare purchase.

Free Vacation Certificate Comes with Fine Print

We’ve all gotten them – nice looking certificates that arrive in our mailboxes – usually at the end of winter when we’re starting to dream of spring break – advertising for a free vacation. Some certificates include lodging in a hotel or timeshare resort for a certain number of days and nights. Other offers include airfare or a cruise, or provide one complimentary ticket with the purchase of a second. Some certificates include discount coupons for restaurants, tours or attractions in the resort area.

Timeshare Relief beach chair and umbrella

Your momma taught you there is no such thing as a free lunch, right?  True here, too.  To start with, many require a non-refundable processing and handling fee or a refundable deposit of $50 to $100 to reserve a vacation offer.

But that’s not all you need to watch out for:

Read the rules carefully. Do you meet the required conditions, such as age and marital status or income level?

Determine all costs involved in using a vacation certificate. It will be your responsibility to pay for anything not specifically mentioned.   Will you be expected to pay for:

Hotel, timeshare resort or other lodging? Meals?

Transportation from your home to the resort? Do you have to travel to a distant location before the company pays for “free” travel?

Transportation from the airport to the lodging accommodation?

Additional fees for the peak tourist season? When is the peak season? Are there any port taxes when visiting a foreign country?

Remember, timeshare presentations are often long, grueling and difficult to walk away from.

Remember to Skip the Alcohol Before Attending Any Timeshare Presentation

I passed a billboard last week that took me a minute to understand.  Big bold letters called out:  DTWD.  My much more savvy teenage daughter pointed out that it meant “Don’t Text While Driving.”  Cute.  Of course, I can’t get the hang of texting while I’m sitting at my desk, but that’s ok.  I like the play on the slightly tired slogan, “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Anyone who has ever imbibed a little too much alcohol at a party and later tried to remember exactly what happened the night before understands why.  Alcohol limits inhibitions.  It impairs our judgment.

More than one timeshare owner has reported free-flowing spirits before and sometimes even during the sales pitch, Timeshare Relief - Timeshare Resort Drinksonly to find themselves with a contract they don’t remember signing.  Not long ago, a hidden camera videotape revealed one company’s sales pitch included serving alcohol.  It’s not illegal, but it’s definitely not wise for the consumer to partake.

Don’t ever buy any time share if you’re offered alcohol prior to or while signing anything.    That’s a good rule of thumb – any company that encourages you to alter your judgment may very well not have your best interest at heart.

You’ll regret your purchase and may have to call Timeshare Relief to get rid of your timeshare for you.

Do Timeshare Maintenance Fees Ever Decrease?

Timeshare Relief deep thoughtsDuring timeshare presentations, the audience is often shown a chart or some organized way of portraying timeshare costs as being less than comparable luxury hotel accommodations over time.  At least in the past, these comparisons included escalation in hotel costs due to inflation.  But was the consistent rise in maintenance fees ever discussed?  Probably not.  But many timeshare owners have experienced increases in their maintenance fees.

Regardless of the presentation style or exact numbers, the case is made for a timeshare to save money over a period of time if a timeshare owner can consistently go on vacation annually to their timeshare.  This way the new timeshare owner can justify spending the money now in order to save later.

However, one assumption is made in the cost analysis — the price of hotel rooms does not go DOWN.  But during this recession, we know that hotels have lowered costs, sometimes drastically in order to bring in guests. This begs the question, “Do timeshare maintenance fees ever decrease?”  I cannot recall a timeshare owner ever getting a smaller annual maintenance fee bill year-to-future-year.  This would certainly change the cost comparisons between hotels and timeshares.

Just a couple questions to ask your timeshare sales person the next time you find yourself in a timeshare presentation.