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Timeshare Relief, Inc.
2239 West 190th Street
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Toll Free: 1-866-797-0535

To sign up for your free consultation with one of our down-to-earth personal advocates, please call the number above.

27 Responses

  1. We are currently paying on a Starwood timeshare and need to get out of our contract. We are willing to pay it off. We were never told about the ten day grace period to cancel. Is there’s an option of no maintanence fees? We’re even happy to donate it. What a nightmare.
    Thank you for your reply.

    • The best course of action is to call the Timeshare Relief toll-free # at 866-797-0535 in order to discuss your particular situation in full detail. If the phone is busy, please call back.

  2. My son’s father and I purchased a timeshare October 2008. After the purchase he became unemployed and my hours were cut at work.

    The timeshare has become a burden and a half for my household as I can no longer afford the payments on my salary alone. I do not own any real property so there is no way to place a lien.

    What happens when one defaults on a loan for a timeshare? Is it considered a foreclosure? How should I anticipate that the finance company proceed against me? Any and all information is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Lynn,

      This is not legal advice and you should obtain your own counsel. Most likely, defaulting on your timeshare payments will not be a good situation for you. You’ll have to read your contract because not only will the timeshare be in foreclosure for the unpaid balance, but there’s also the annual maintenance fees that you may be obligated to pay. The foreclosure will damage your credit report, and depending on your contract, the timeshare company may have means to obtain the payments for unpaid maintenance fees (like wage garnishment through the courts).

      The best advice is to call your timeshare company and do your best at pleading for leniency without getting angry. Try to work with them on finding a solution. In rare cases it may work. But timeshare resorts are hurting as well because so many owners cannot pay. Unfortunately, because you have an unpaid balance, Timeshare Relief cannot work with your timeshare. I wish I could offer some happier news.

      – Bobby

      • I have no mortgage on my timeshare. Just can’t afford the maintenance and special assessment. I wanted the association to try to rent it but I did not even see it advertized on their website. They also take a large commission for renting it. What can I do to get out of this ? I feel trapped.

      • Contact our offices at 1-866-797-0535 and talk to one of our friendly expert consultants.

  3. Hiya!. Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back over here in a couple of days to see if there is any more info.

  4. Hey there,
    I had agreed to have a timeshare transfered to me. We had notarized the contract. The timeshare has a balance of $19,000 but the monthly fees are caught up. However, I do not want this timeshare. I cannot afford it. Please tell me what to do. I desperately need help.

    Thank You

    • Hello Dani-lee…

      Unfortunately, Timeshare Relief can only work with timeshares that have been fully paid off. We have had to turn away many timeshare owners in similar situations to your own. With the economy in the shape that it is in, we feel for those who cannot pay their timeshare loans.

      You’ll need to find a way to pay off the loan debt first, or at least transfer that debt elsewhere so that there is no lien stemming from your timeshare. At that point, Timeshare Relief could at least take a look at your situation. Even if you try to sell it, a buyer will not take a timeshare with a loan. There are too many other loan free options available.

      I hope you can find a way out. Good luck!
      – Bobby

  5. Hi
    I have a 1 bedroom at Puerto Vallarta, PV, Mexico that I don’t use and can’t rent very often.
    Maint. fees are approx. $550/year
    Transfer fees are $1400
    Bought in 2002 (I think), 26 year lease.

    Please let me know what you have to offer to get rid of it for me.
    Thanks, Terry

    • Hello Terry,

      Please contact the Timeshare Relief hotline at 866-797-0535 and provide your contact information and one of the Timeshare Relief phone representatives will give you a call to help you.

  6. How are you associated with Right Choice transfer?

  7. I own a timeshare in Kauai in Pahio. Paid in full. But the maint. fees are killing me at this time in our lives. I can not afford them. It’s every other year for one week and I pay a thousand dollars for that week. How can I get out of this without ruining my credit.

    • Hello Melody,

      Contact the Timeshare Relief office by either calling 1-866-797-0535, or fill out your contact information on the website, http://www.timesharerelief360.com.

      Timeshare Relief will show you a way that you can get rid of your timeshare without ruining your credit. Over 35,000 timeshare owners are now free of their timeshare burden because of the company.

      – Bobby

  8. I wish to get rid of my Westgate Towncenter 2 Bedroom Timeshare.

    There is nothing outstanding.

    Kindly help.

    • Mr. Kaul,

      Please contact the Timeshare Relief offices at 1-866-797-0535. They will take your information and direct you on how to proceed in getting rid of your timeshares. We’re glad to help.

      — Bobby

  9. Good Afternoon,

    I am an owner of a timeshare. I owe 2010 maintenance fees that should have been paid January 2010. Due to decreased work hours/unemployment, it has been a challenge to pay these fees. The company continues to charge late fees.

    Is there any assistance that can be gained from your program and if so what are the requirements to receive assistance from TimeShare Relief?

    • Hello Adriene,

      You’ll have to speak with one of our telephone timeshare consultants or one of our travel team members (if they come to a nearby city). They will be able to listen to your specific issues and let you know your options. As for general qualifications, Timeshare Relief cannot transfer any timeshare that has a mortgage. There are also a few timeshares that we cannot transfer – for example, there are a handful of resorts that do not allow transfers. So, the best way is to call 866-797-0535 and speak with someone in our offices. The consultation is free. There is no obligation. You’ll be given a personal plan for what you can do with your timeshare contract.

      — Bobby

  10. we are paying on a time share at tahiti village resort in las vegas,nv. it has been turned over to a collection agency and I have called them and I was told to pay the late fees and being the account update which is about $1500 and be released from the contract. If I pay the $1500 will this contract truly go away and I will not be obligated to pay the remaining balance of over $9000. I called tahiti for GMAC phone # to contact them regarding if tis amount will released me from this obligation, however, tahiti could not give me a number and thus I am not sure if the collection agency just want to get the money and turn it over to tahiti and the account remained in effect until completely paid off. Please advise!

  11. We would like to get rid of our RCI timeshare in St thomas V.I…there are no outstanding balances or debts. please advise.

  12. My wife are at retirement age and we owe approximately 110,000 dollars for our timeshare. We own a million points which we plan for our retirement to be able to see alot of things and do alot of traveling. We no longer want this time share but we financed it through our bank. So basically the bank owes it and the Timeshare Company has been paid off. We have been told that if we pay a company they will take our timeshare off our hands but we will still be responsible for our debt. Which I hate to think of doing because it’s like paying and getting nothing in return. We are currentley renting some of our points out and using the money to help pay the super expensive maintenance fees. So you see we have dug ourselves a rather large hole here and can’t see the proper way out. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    • Hello Danny,

      If the bank truly owns the timeshare for that amount, you should probably think about foreclosure. But, I think I’m missing some information because I’ve not heard of a bank lending on a timeshare before. Do you have a fractional ownership? Please contact one of our representatives at 1-866-797-0535 so that we can better understand the situation and find the best possible solution for you and your wife.

      ~ Bobby

  13. I would like to pay off our balance on our Tahiti Village Timeshare but I understand they are filing for bankrupcy. Why would I want to pay it off if they are bankrupt and I CANT USE IT.
    Gary B

    • The resort filed for bankruptcy to gain protection from creditors, but that does not release its owners from their contracts with the resort which continues to run. The resort may even want to enforce payment even more stringently now in order to amass cash. This is not legal advice as I’m not a lawyer, so if you’d like a second opinion from an expert, I’d consult your lawyer.

      If you find out that the contract is still in effect (which I think it is), I’d recommend paying off the timeshare as soon as possible. Without full payment, there’s not much you can do with it except pay more interest on the payments.

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