Timeshare Relief Testimonial – Ron & Joyce Did Not Want to Pass On Debt To Their Heirs

Ron & Joyce had seen the Timeshare Relief presentation one time before.  Although they were somewhat taken aback at their first presentation that they would have to pay to get rid of their timeshare, they recognized that over time they would save much more money over the years by not having to pay the annual maintenance fees.

Their maintenance fees had nearly doubled within the last 5 years!  In 2009, they had maintenance fees of over $5000!  Imagine if that happened over the next 5 years again.  Ron & Joyce certainly did not want to have to continue these payments.

Being unable to find another way out of their timeshare, Ron & Joyce had another concern that others have as well.  That is the fact that their timeshare would pass onto their heirs, who would then be responsible for the payments from that point forward.  Ron & Joyce did not want that to happen.  This was just another reason for them to work with Timeshare Relief.

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