Timeshare Relief is Proud to be on the Inc. 500 List

The Inc. 500 & 5000 List of the top small businesses in the US was released today, and Timeshare Relief is proud to announce that it is ranked No. 318.  Considering that over 80% of all small businesses simply fail within five years, to be ranked in the top 500 small businesses throughout the United States is a testament to the mission of the company — to help timeshare owners out of unwanted timeshare contracts.

Through strong customer relationships and proper execution of the transfers, Timeshare Relief has quickly grown into this leadership position. Everyone at the company appreciates the trust and personal connection with all of our clients over these 5 amazing years of business.  We understand that satisfying our customers with our service while providing  respect, friendliness and care creates the goodwill of good business.

We thank and congratulate all of our dedicated employees and staff who have worked so hard for our customers, and done it with panache.  The positive energy and dynamic atmosphere at the offices in Torrance, California is truly amazing.  Only with great people can an organization be great.  So, with the Inc 500 ranking, it’s nice to publicly recognize the contributions of everyone here at Timeshare Relief.

Timeshare Relief – The First and Final Way To Get Rid of Your Timeshare

Timeshare Relief, IncAre you a timeshare owner looking for some timeshare relief?  No matter the reason, getting rid of a timeshare right now can be a real nightmare!  There are plenty of ways that seem like possible solutions to your timeshare problem, but especially in this economy, many of them frankly do not pan out.  So, go with a sure thing on your first try and stop wasting valuable time and money.

The first thing you realize when you attempt to rid yourself of your timeshare is how difficult it is to do it on your own.  Yet, many agents and listing companies over-promise and under-deliver on the high fees they charge.  Even most charities will not take a timeshare any longer.  They are finding them just as hard to move as anyone else, and they certainly do not want to get stuck with maintenance fees that they cannot afford.

There are more and more developers who are renting their unused timeshare inventory for less than owners’ annual maintenance fees.  This discovery has outraged a great deal of owners.  First, the resort itself competes against the owners for renters with discounted rates.  Secondly, owners are forced to lower their rent to match offers.  Lastly, when you take into account the fact that people can rent significantly cheaper than they can buy, it makes sense that selling a timeshare is a problem.

Similarly, you will find that even people who like the idea of timeshares aren’t buying them anymore.  With the downturn in the economy, traveling is quickly becoming a luxury.  While we travel to see relatives and loved ones, we are forgoing the leisure destinations.  Therefore, across the board, owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares.  Competition for the rare buyer is fierce.  Unless you can offer something that thousands of others do not, you will not get a deal.

So if listing your timeshare doesn’t work, donating it doesn’t work, and you can’t even rent it, what’s left?  There is hope.  Use Timeshare Relief!  We’ll transfer the timeshare out of your name so that you will never have to pay another maintenance fee again.  What’s more we guarantee this timeshare transfer transaction to our clients.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept timeshares that are not paid in full.  Other qualifications may apply.  But call or contact us immediately before another maintenance fee or special assessment bill hits your mailbox!

Timeshare Relief Hotline: 1-866-797-0535

Remember that there are plenty of benefits to dumping your timeshare, and none whatsoever to hanging on to one that you never use!  You’ll never need to pay those hefty maintenance fees again, and you will have a huge load off your mind. The issue of getting rid of a timeshare can really weigh you down, so take action today.

Have You Tried to Donate Timeshares?

Timeshare Donation Heart

Should you donate your timeshare?

The idea of donating a timeshare to a charity has definitely been trending lately within the timeshare industry. Not too long ago it was common knowledge that nearly all legitimate charities would not accept a timeshare donation. This was almost entirely due to the fact that timeshares can be extremely difficult to get rid of. This fact is still true today and many organizations will not accept a timeshare as a donation because of the financial responsibility that owning a timeshare comes with. Most charities are focused on the work they do to help others and do not have the resources to effectively manage and benefit from a donated timeshare, which is why the simply will not accept a timeshare.

If anyone has attempted to donate a timeshare please do share your stories with us here on the blog. Post your comments about successful or failed attempts and getting rid of a timeshare through donation. There are a lot of timeshare owners out there that are trying to get rid of their timeshare ownership, the problem is that there are so many false solutions out there that do not provide true timeshare relief. If you have been able to successfully donate your timeshare property please let us know so that other timeshare owners can learn of ways to get out once and for all!

Timeshare Cure | Do You Have One?

There are two types of timeshare owners, those that love their timeshare and those that for one reason or another want to get out of their timeshare. The people that need to get out of their timeshare are already looking for a timeshare cure. However, many owners who love everything about their timeshare are not lifting so much as finger to try and find a cure for their timeshare. And while they have little to no reason for finding a timeshare cure right now, there is no telling what will happen in the future to cause them to need a way out.

So whether or not you are looking to get rid of your timeshare right now it is important to have a timeshare cure in mind and ready to go. Because timeshare contracts are usually very long term if not perpetual it is important to have a plan. If something happens to cause your timeshare to become a serious financial burden you do not want to be clueless about how to get out.

Let’s face it, unexpected changes in life should be expected. And these changes can occur without any input from you at all. If your resort happens to increase your maintenance fees, or something were to happen to your timeshare unit that causes a large special assessment to be charged at your expense, you will not have a plan to get out. That is why you should prepare for when your timeshare ownership turns into a financial disease. Knowing what type of timeshare cure you will use is necessary.

Even the most satisfied timeshare owner has the potential to catch a timeshare disease. There are simply too many aspects of your timeshare ownership that are under complete control of the resort. Because it is so difficult right now to actually sell a used timeshare you should consider different options for getting out of your contract in case of an emergency.

Putting Timeshares to Good Use

We all know what a burden a timeshare contract can become. But there are some ways you can turn a timeshare situation into an enjoyable experience. Accomplishing this task, however, does not include purchasing any timeshare weeks. Getting into a timeshare contract is a serious decision that you do not want to end up regretting later. While a timeshare can provide great vacation experiences, in this sense it can be seen as profitable in terms of how much enjoyment you will get for your money, but that experience is not guaranteed. The only way to really guarantee that you come out on top after leaving a timeshare experience is to not sign the timeshare contract.

As many people know, in order to sell timeshare weeks the timeshare developers have to put on flashy presentations just to get people to sit down and listen to their sales pitch. It is under this high pressure sales presentation that they are able to get people to buy their timeshares, if it were not for all the side incentives they would not even be able to secure an audience. So if you happen to get invited to a timeshare presentation there is a way to get some satisfaction out of your timeshare experience. By attending the event and listening to the presentation you will get whatever free gifts they have promised to you. Now you just have to make sure and not sign on the dotted line. When the time comes to make the timeshare purchase you need to just say no. If you are able to say no to timeshare ownership you will have the prizes that come with attending a timeshare presentation. It may seem shady to take part in a scheme like this but it is one of the very few ways that you can truly be satisfied with a timeshare experience.

Should you be involved in a timeshare property already you may want to assess your options for getting out. One great way to do so is to use the services of Timeshare Relief. With their guaranteed timeshare exit solution you will be able to get your name off of that timeshare contract. This is one of the other few ways that you can be fully satisfied with a timeshare experience. So if you own a timeshare, check out Timeshare Relief today and get some satisfaction out of your timeshare for once.

Timeshare Relief for Hotel Bookers

The revenue reports for the first half of 2010 have come in for the hotel industry. While this does no reflect the revenue for the timeshare industry the two markets are very closely related. However, this could be bad news for timeshares. As hotels are a major alternative to timeshare properties this could mean that people have had enough of dealing with the timeshare industry. There are many restrictions that come along with timeshare ownership. These limits may be why vacationers are choosing to use hotels for their travel lodgings. The flexibility that comes with booking a hotel room for your specific vacation days could be the driving force behind this increased revenue report.

The problem with owning a timeshare has always been here, but only recently has it become such a concern to owners. During these economically uncertain times it is important to be as frugal as possible when it comes to spending. Not only does this provide a reason for timeshare owners to be dissatisfied with their timeshare weeks, but it has also led to a large number of fraudulent companies that will attempt to take advantage of timeshare owners.  There are services such as Timeshare Relief that provide a legitimate and sure fire way to get out of an unwanted timeshare contract. With the help of Timeshare Relief you can start enjoying your vacations at whatever location you decide to do so at.

Find Timeshare Relief in Underground Bunkers!

The Vivos network is composed of 20 fortified underground shelters. These are not your average shelters as they have been made into luxurious subteranian living quarters. Also unlike regular underground shelters these luxurious bunkers are available in timeshare form. Thanks to the Vivos network you can buy a little piece of a luxurious underground shelter timeshare property! For the price of $50,000 per person, and just $25,000 for the kids, you can rest assured for your post apocalyptic needs. One problem that goes unexplained is what happens when the end of the world does not happen during the week you have your stay? Not only is the usefulness of this timeshare property type in question but also the cost is fairly difficult to justify. At these prices you could get far more luxurious above ground timeshare vacations.

The bunkers are suited with a hospital, dental station, movie theater and even a computer lab. With so many accommodations you can’t help but relax and enjoy yourself as the outside worlds falls to pieces. One thing you can be sure of is that you won’t be missing all the money you spent to get your underground safe spot. Thanks to the Vivos network you can enjoy apocalyptic survival in comfort. This is just one more way in which timeshares have changed to fit the needs of modern day timeshare owners, owners who want to rest assured with the security of a fortified subterranean timeshare property.